abstract 5 (1999)

unrequited transmission

signal to the 9th... signal to the 9th...

zink zoink oxnard

varoom moon spittoon

hoink honk conk knock

blezipiddy garinkadink plink plunk

schunga boorange dulink purangatang

oink snoik wroink voink

ba-ba-ba babcock

slinky slinky kinda rinky dinky

plalipso doinkers verge

salad dressing clings-a-lot

home aum own zone

angulatory bihoidiozontal

cramingo dingo go go ozone

izzat itch up yr ditch

mongoloidy infractionalicious

hump a rump a roast to boast

floating boating arkansaw greek

hither & thither & wither & rose

checkmate sun club borrowing snapshots of ethal ruthlessly leaving

swamp gas and sewer rat a golf ball and somewhere it's at

make time to rhyme whether you mean it or not or want or can't

someday a place will surface from beneath a crusty place inside a darker recess of shy impervious rust

windows shelter a view unclear distorted liquid flowing slowly as we see only a glimpse of that which is we

i kept to long a thing so strong to weaken to a knee

obvious encounter evidently meticulous and true

ship shape & rip & rape frozen breeze never pleased or wanting to be

vacuum roar and pumpkins smash my tapping toe to know

quaint quilt quality quantity quill quota quacker quote

oopsing along the way you can never take it back revealed naked and nothing at your back but wind and sound of rushing ghosts escaping somewhere into a mind relaxing it just can't to sleep will never be a view to what may never be reached or wished that it was true for it is all that is envisioned to wake a pearly dream to fly asunder from fright and plight and pangs of gut to empty to fill and never reaching the now of when it is forever and still we go on and on and on....

saying we loved and are in love and loving every second

others too lonely to know the feeling of those wish they'd go away

have what you will want what you will will you want to have

a stab in the dark is better than a shot by light to pierce the target dead on heat

beat upon to beat into to the beat goes on and is never beat

time signifies an ancient rite of passage ignored by conscious seeking snob hob bob and rob

no end insight and to delight an end for now...

9 December 2001





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