sTeVo iN yR sTuDiO

eLeCtRoNiC mEdIa aRtIsT
an electronic media artist Stevo Wolfson, whose work explores the nature of the medium and pushes the creative envelope of experimentation, with an acute awareness of spiritual and material (biological and technical) evolution. 'siys,' generally, considers formal training and instruction taboo, while corrupt and malfunctioning entities are of the essence! A strong leaning towards obscure interpretation makes the audience's perceptions as valid as that of the artist.

He also composes and performs as Pupaum, who reflects experience via electronic music and multi-media performance. Armed with a concept and an innate sense of direction, Pupaum rarely works from a concise plan, preferring to create spontaneous pieces which evoke various interpretations. Pupaum has been recording and performing his unique blend of music/audio art since 1980, and has been broadcast throughout the US and abroad.

method / education
Spontaneous and intuitive employment of unconventional and nonstandard methodology; and the creation of images from corrupt, crashed discarded and found files. MFA in Time Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1983. BFA in Video/Film from the University of Oklahoma, 1980.

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