Nancy Bechtol - Self-portrait, 21 November 2003

I met Nancy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the fall of 1981. We had many classes together including Sound Synthesis and Video Synthesis. We shared mutual respect for each other's work and collaborated for the first time on the LIVE/TWO-WAY/INTERACTIVE VIDEO event at SAIC on 2 December 1982. Other participating artists were Ben Kerns, Michael Markowski, Jessie Affelder, Mark Resch, Wes Tabayoyung & many others.

It is rare indeed to meet someone who is both a great fun-loving friend and a completely dependable and professional collaborator. When I think of Nancy I always visualize her ever-present and wonderful smile. She emanates positive energy and lights up any room with her bright aura. Working together she is a powerhouse of practical ideas that can be realistically achieved and possesses a genuine gift of creative genius.

Nancy's friendship and influence were primary factors in my decision to make Chicago my permanent home.

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My art bud Stevo Wolfson
By Nancy Bechtol 11/03

Some memory sharing........

I have been lucky to have known Stevo since 1981.

Even at the 'first recognition of Stevo' there was a very immediate connection-----------that of "being on the same 'wavelength'".

From there on there were many times when our friendship and mutual art interests linked up---first, at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, we both were graduate students in a wild romp of a time in a new program called 'Time Arts' (now known as Multimedia/digital media or even new media.....

I remember a mutual friend, Michael Marko running by me down the hall of SAIC and Stevo right behind him, and asking me if I wanted to come shoot Michael in a live performance being 'buried' in the courtyard!

After that there were many times when art and friends mixed to make a very magical happening.

I knew how incredibly talented and technically adapt he was when, he jumped in a much need position as technical director for the "live 2-way event" held 1982 at SAIC--where I directed an original concept event--taking over the CCTV of the school for 6 hours of live video and audio interactive performances. Now hailed as a "legendary" event. Stevo grabbed a hold of the IP and led the tech on that outrageously out of control event. And added a very "Stevo" twist with his live famous feedback video.

There is a lot more, the Electronic Immersions show, the Tete-a-Tete, and all the many connections--right down to the annual family 4th of July gatherings, which his Wolfson clan has been coming to since his kids were babies.

When you come across someone who has a keen sense of the 'here and now' as well as the cosmic is really special. Stevo, yes.

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streetwired - May 2005

the light - December 2004

photo merge land - October 2004

you hit me with a flower - December 2003

door fire - December 2003

Part of the cyber-kitchen - a collaborative project

[Once in the cyber-kitchen, go left and Nancy's door is the
first door to the left of the kitchen counter & cabinets.]

ghost moon - October 2003

HeartPEACE - March 2003

fall - November 2002

no photo x-ray - March 2002

Valentine - February 2002

Nancy Bechtol - Be Art Now Gallery

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