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Pupaum - Flower Power (1993)

Music by Pupaum
Recorded in Chicago 1993

This tracks was released on the Pupaum album "Pupaum" (2001).

Pupaum - Ambrosia (1990)

Music by Pupaum
Recorded in Chicago 1990

The visual is from a color photo I shot, developed and printed in high school in 1975.
Art by Stevo In Yr Studio from a version of the photo processed by Todd V. Wolfson.
Title: Kosmischen Brüder 28 January 2014 @

This tracks was released on the Pupaum album "Beyond Reality" (1990).

Pupaum - O.B.E. (1988)

Music by Pupaum
Recorded in Chicago 23 November 1988

This tracks was released on the Pupaum album "Dying To Live" (1989).

Pupaum + TV - Infusionism: Soundtrack For Paranoid Television (1990)

Pupaum - Synth Programming & Guitar
TV - Synthesizer
Recorded in St. Louis 1990

This tracks was released on the Swedish cassette compilation "Many Dogs Are Dumb" (1991).

Pupaum - Jesus Is My Best Friend (1990)

My first track using a sampler, recorded for the Pupaum album Memory Wires (1994).

Lyrics were written on a matchbook while stuck in traffic on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago
after seeing a bumper sticker which read "Jesus Is My Best Friend".

Mummy's Day from siys on Vimeo.

Play audio as loud as possible!

Created on Mother's Day 12 May 2013

Audio Art by Pupaum from an audio recording of Todd talking to our mother.
Original audio courtesy of Todd V. Wolfson
Image Processed by Stevo In Yr Studio

Produced by Pupaum & Stevo In Yr Studio

Atomic Stockhausen
Created 16 November 2009
Inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen

Contains samples and clips from:
Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution (2008)
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Kontakte Op. 12 (1958-60)
Atomic Alert (1951)
All heavily modified for Art's Sake!

Pupaum - Noctiacousia (1986)

Nocturnal Suite
1) Interior Voyage
2) Beyond That Known (Yet The Frogs)
3) Haume

Recorded 14-15 August 1986
Mixed 2-3 & 12 September 1986
Mastered 7 October 1986

Digital Mastering 6 July 2007

This album is from the Noctiacousia sessions in 1986 where all synthesizers in my studio were running 24/7 for several weeks outputting ambient sounds. I would tweak the synths and when I got something I liked I would record it. Nocturnal Suite is a culmination of the best ambient recordings from those sessions mixed into one long suite.

The Noctiacousia sessions ran from 27 July to 21 August 1986. The album "Object Of Desire" was also created from these sessions.

Noctiacousia is a self-made word meaning "sound of the night".

On a personal note, this recording, and several others, were played each night as my children went to sleep, throughout their childhood.


48 hour marathon recording session @ SAIC Electronic Sound Studio
23-24 April 1983

Pupaum - Sound Studies (1981-1982)

Pupaum - E-mu Modular Synthesizer

These are some of my earliest recordings at
The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago Electronic Sound Studio

Digitally Mastered - Chicago - 19 May 2013

Watch Loops & Such (1980) in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Loops & Such - 1980

1. Solo Vocal Loop 5:15
2. Phone Call (with Pup) 4:17
3. Loops & Such (with Pup) 14:47
4. At It Again (with Mr. Nuclear) 2:20
5. And Again (Ron was there) 2:57

Pupaum - Loop

KGOU Radio Production Studio - Norman, Oklahoma
Digitally Mastered - Chicago - 14-16 December 2009

Art by Stevo In Yr Studio - 16 November 2009

I began working with various video loop systems in 1978, however, it wasn't until I was working at KGOU radio that I had access to audio equipment and the opportunity to begin working with audio loops.

Loops & Such is a series of experimental audio loops using various techniques produced in the production studio at KGOU sometime in 1980, prior to my first synthesizer recordings.

Long before there were samplers, I act as a human sampler spewing out bits from my memory banks.

And, here for the first time, in my audio work, is introduced the "Art Of Experience" concept through the mantra "You are experiencing an audio experience which is based upon previous audio experiences. "

Watch Sound Piece 1 & 2 (1980) in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Sound Piece 1 & 2
19 September 1980

1. Sound Piece #1 8:28
2. Sound Piece #2 31:15

Pupaum - Modular Synthesizer

OU Synthesizer Studio - Norman, Oklahoma
Digitally Mastered - Chicago - 24 November 2009

Art by Stevo In Yr Studio - 24 November 2009

These were my very first two recording in a synthesizer studio. No keyboard playing was employed. These pieces were created wholly from tweaking knobs to manipulate the oscillators and envelopes.

I think there are some very interesting parallels, sound wise, between this work and "Early Electronics" created over 6 years earlier and under very different circumstances.

How this work came to be...

I had been making good progress developing my skills as a video artist, but I was using audio from LPs and felt strongly that I wanted to create my own electronic music to score my video art.

The University of Oklahoma School Of Music had a synthesizer studio, however the electronic music classes were only available to advanced music majors.

Joe Hobbs, the Dean of The School of Art, was an extremely important mentor in my art career at OU. I had come to his attention as an extremely focused, disciplined and self-motivated art student and was one day summoned to his office, where he took me under his wing and arranged for me to have 24-hour access to the art school so I could work at anytime of day or night.

When I learned of my ineligibility to take an electronic music class I went to Joe Hobbs with my dilemma and he arranged with the Dean of The School of Music to make an exception in my case and I was allowed to enroll in The Fundamentals Of Electronic Music, my final semester at OU.

This was a critical and pivotal point in my art career and I relished in this new environment.

Watch Audio As Experience (1980) in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Audio As Experience
21 May 1980

Kevin Stark - Music Boxes & Synth Control
Pupaum - Loop, Voice, Harmonica & Synthesizer

Stark Studio - Norman, Oklahoma
Digitally Mastered - Chicago - 23 November 2009

Art by Stevo In Yr Studio - 23 November 2009

Although, I had experimented with several synthesizers since 1977, this was my first recording session using one. Kevin worked the knobs, creating the sounds while I played the keyboard. Kevin and I have always had great chemistry playing off one another. Additionally, Kevin plays several music boxes, while I performed voice, harmonica and audio loop system.

It was the previous year, 1979, when I created the concept of "Art Of Experience" and adapted Eno's audio loop system to video and began creating my own audio loop works.

Art Of Experience was a concept born from the perception of being consumed within an action, unaware of time and space verses self-consciousness of self and the varying degrees of self-awareness to the point of hyper-self-awareness when one becomes aware that they are aware that they are aware that they are aware, and so on...

This concept was realized by repeating and adding to the phrase "You are experiencing an experience which is based upon previous experiences. You are now experiencing the experience of experiencing an experience which is based upon previous experiences. You are now experiencing the experience of experiencing the experience of experiencing an experience which is based upon previous experiences." and so on...

Kevin and I met at The University of Oklahoma School of Art and became good friends. Kevin is a very talented artist and musician and it was with Kevin I began creating, performng and recording music on a regular basis.

Watch Early Electronics (1974) in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Early Electronics (1974)

1. Inno 0:09
2. Turn On, Tune In 9:13
3. News 4:07
4. Morie's Orchestra Rides Again 9:57
5. Final Wave 3:20

Morie's Orchestra is Todd & Morie and Ricky MacAfee in the background.

Created with Commodore MM6 Calculator & Mid 1960s Console Stereo AM Receiver
Recorded with Lo-Fi Cassette Recorder & Tape
Tulsa 1974

Digitally Mastered & Edited by Pupaum
Chicago 17-18 November 2009

Art by Stevo In Yr Studio
18 November 2009

Not the actual console stereo, but similar example.

These are my earliest electronic music recordings and are quite historic for me for several reasons.

It illustrates my roots as a multimedia artist and my knack for exploring and discovering things not at all obvious from a fairly early age.

My brother Todd and I had my parent's old console stereo in our bedroom. Additionally, my father was a merchandise manager with Dillard's Brown-Dunkin in Tulsa and went on frequent buying trips to Asia. He brought home some of the very first battery powered portable calculators available to consumers and gave one to everyone in the family.

Somehow, I discovered that mistuning the AM receiver between stations, then moving the calculator around the tuner and pushing the buttons produced electronic tones and varying sounds based on distance to the receiver.

I have no clue what possessed me to even try such a thing, but that's me!!

Under very primitive conditions, using a very lo-fi cassette recorder near the stereo speaker and cheap tape, I recorded about 30 minutes of this electronic music.

It's important to note, this is over six years before I began to study electronic music formally in college and discovered who Karlheinz Stockhausen was. At the time of these recordings, John Lennon's Revolution 9 may have been the most experimental audio I had ever heard.

I think it is also interesting to note. I did this work before Kraftwerk released Radio-Activity or Computer World with Pocket Calculator! I find that a very interesting parallel of the foremost electronic music band!


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